Monday, February 13, 2012

Backyard debate!!

Becoming a vegetarian has opened my eyes to so many food possibilities, but mostly it has made me more aware of where our food comes from. I will never claim to be the most educated, but the more I learn the more confident I am about my food choices. For the most part, I believe society would rather not think about where eggs and bacon come from or at what cost to the animals' lives, not to mention the environmental costs.
When I get eggs I prefer to get them at the farmer's market or from local farms. I know they are organic and not part of a egg "factory". I do not want to eat an egg from a factory, but prefer it come from a chicken. I will eat an egg from a chicken raised on farm or in someone's backyard, where I know that chicken has been in a healthy and free environment.
Now is the time to focus on where our food comes from.
I would like to see a change and small changes matter. Friend's of mine are part of that change. Please read their story.

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  1. Great post, thanks for your support!

    Keep educating people no their food choices. Don't give up!