Friday, July 20, 2012

Do the right thing

Walmart!  An undercover investigation, which video was taken, demonstrates the barbaric abuse of pigs at Christensen Farms, who describe themselves as the country's third largest pork supplier. I urge Walmart to ask your pork supplier to phase out the use of gestation crates.  In my opinion the very least you should do is stop buying products from these alleged abusers until further investigation. Walmart join other large corps. and stop the inhumanity. NOW!!

 I watched the video and it's pretty clear the pain these poor animals are enduring. On the video, the workers at the farm ( factory ) appear to remove piglets' testicles without painkillers and that is about as far as I'll go with readers. Let's just say it's bad real bad and if seeing the on going abuse in this video, as well as others like it, like me you would stop meat cold Turkey, pun intented.
If you have read this and would like to learn more, read about it in the Huffington Post or visit to sign a petition.
You do not have to watch the video, but at the bottem of the web page there is a link to sign the petition. If this was a video of cats and dogs being treated so barbarically there would be complete and utter societal outrage. I always like to point out, yes these pigs are raised for food, but inhuman treatment is unaccepable. Their lives here on this planet should mean more, as with all living beings.  

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