Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weighing in with some thoughts

 I have written about guns on the blog before, but this time I feel more passionate about the issues surrounding guns. Why? Everyone is talking about gun control. Control, what does it mean to control something?
  I don't really know that much about guns. I don't own one, I have never shot one. I do not go skeet shooting or go to the range. I do remember when I was little my grandparents brought me to a "wild west show" and bought me a silver cap gun. Eh, I could have cared less. I'm not the shooting things kind of person. I do however have some thoughts about guns and gun safety.
  I know a gun owner needs to get a permit / license?  That's what I've heard. Seems reasonable. Once the permit / license for a Firearm ID card is received, one can buy a gun. What happens after the license / permit is allowed and a gun or guns are purchased? Does the town that issued the license/permit come to see if it is being stored in a safe manor? I do not believe so. Does the town make people renew the license/ permit? Umm I do not believe so. Interesting.
 Recently my household needed permits to have various work done on and in our home. After each permit, which are numerous, electrical, plumbing, structural and so on, the town sends someone to sign off on each permit. Why? To make sure our home is safe!! We had to hard wire smoke detectors/ CO detectors in every room, it's required by law. The town will come and make sure we have installed them. Why? To make sure our home is safe and protected. These are smart precautionary measures. Great for us home owners. What about all the gun owners?
 Our town also requires I renew my dog and cats' licenses every year. As a pet owner I have to vaccinate my pets to get those licenses. Why? To make sure my pets are protected against rabies, therefore protecting the town's people from possibly getting rabies from my pets. Safety precautionary measures taken by the town and myself as an owner. If I do not renew the license the town puts a warning on our door, if I still do not renew I, as a pet owner, am fined. Last year I got the warning 2 days after the renewal had expired. I had paid it that day. WOW the town sure is on top of those pet owners!! What about all the gun owners?  Hummmmm
 Gun owners will still fight on my comparisons. But I'm not questioning any one's rights. Do what you will gun owners, you checked out when you got the permit. You got that background check. So therefore that must mean your gun is safely stored away, when not in use by you and you only, where no one else can use it unsafely. The town came to check, right?      

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